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‘Borderlands 3’ launched Increased Anointed Drops And XP For Twitch

If you’re still playing Borderlands 3, you’ll be excited to know that you are getting a double dose of new content this week, as Bloody Harvest draws near.

This week’s event is called Mayhem on Twitch, and if you haven’t guessed it yet, it rewards players and viewers alike as Mayhem Mode and the Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Twitch Extension gets a little upgrade.

The studio has announced that for the duration of the event, players who will enable Mayhem Mode will see an increased drop chance for Anointed gear, increased XP gains for defeating enemies, and also reduced values for various Mayhem Mode penalty modifiers.

, ‘Borderlands 3’ launched Increased Anointed Drops And XP For Twitch
‘Borderlands 3’ launched Increased Anointed Drops And XP For Twitch

Also, viewers and streamers on Twitch can enjoy amped-up ECHOcast features. Like, Badass Viewer Events will occur more often, and voting periods will also be accelerated during the event to make these viewer-controlled badasses even more of a challenge.

So, Rare Chest Events may have a 100% guaranteed win rate this week instead of the usual one-in-four chance (rewards for these show up in your mailbox if you have SHiFT and Twitch linked), a reason to play Borderlands 3 during this specific event.

Keep in mind though that Mayhem Mode can only be enabled once you’ve finished Borderlands 3’s main story campaign, which unlocks a special console aboard Sanctuary III.

The good news is earning rewards through ECHOcast doesn’t have any requirements. Simply just link your Shift and twitch accounts and you’re all set.

Even if you don’t own a Borderlands 3 yet, you could still take part in the fun since any rewards you score via Rare Chest Events are going to be waiting for you in your in-game mailbox whenever you buy the game.

As already mentioned earlier, Mayhem on Twitch is now live and will run through October 29, when the final week’s theme begins.

, ‘Borderlands 3’ launched Increased Anointed Drops And XP For Twitch
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