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Nicki Minaj opens up about Her “Retirement” For The First Time: Here what she said

Rapper Nicki Minaj has announced that she is retiring and wants to have a family. Minaj, known for tracks like Anaconda, Only, and Starships, took to Twitter to announce her retirement.

It was not clear whether the post is serious, is a plea for attention, or an act of spite toward unspecified haters. But as for the family aspect, last month, Minaj said on her radio show that she and boyfriend Kenneth Petty will be married in 80 days.

Here’s everything you need to know about Nicki’s boo thang and her plans are for the future.

, Nicki Minaj opens up about Her “Retirement” For The First Time: Here what she said
Nicki Minaj opens up about Her “Retirement” For The First Time: Here what she said

Are we sure this is a bye? 

The news of her retirement arrives at a rather odd time for Minaj. She has been featured on a handful of summer smashes, including a remix of Pop Smoke’s Welcome to the Party and Hot Girl Summer with Megan Thee Stallion and Ty Dolla $ign.

Moreover, Minaj told Jimmy Fallon in June that “of course” she was working on a new album.

Message through her song

Last month, however, she said she’d be getting married in 80 days to her boyfriend Kenneth Petty, and also changed her Twitter handle to Mrs. Petty.

In addition, she hinted at starting a family in her verse on Chance the Rapper’s recent song Zanies and Fools, in which she rapped, He the Clyde to my Bonnie/’Bout to walk down the aisle and be a mommy. We’re excited for you, Nicki!

Earlier this month

Minaj got into a widely reported altercation with Cardi B during New York Fashion Week last fall that saw the younger rapper trying to physically attack Minaj.

She later called the incident mortifying and humiliating. However, Minaj has been active with guest appearances in recent months, most recently appearing in Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Summer clip, which dropped on Tuesday.

, Nicki Minaj opens up about Her “Retirement” For The First Time: Here what she said
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