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Sam Raimi to comeback soon in horror genre with new movie

As if to go with the flow of the arrival of the spooky season, horror auteur Sam Raimi, with the usage of minimal words has confirmed it. Yes, he is creating yet another Evil Dead movie: “Lot of Evil Dead coming,” said the director.

Bringing to us from New York Comic Con, the news came out of the ground while Raimi was seen in the promotions of the Ghost House Pictures’ The Grudge reboot.

Apparently, the franchise, whose last entry in theatres comprised of a 2013 reboot under director Fede Alvarez, will be appearing on the big screen again soon, with star Bruce Campbell but only as a producer, and not a performer.

, Sam Raimi to comeback soon in horror genre with new movie
Sam Raimi to come back soon in horror genre with a new movie

Rumors of a new Evil Dead film have been on the up ever since Raimi told Bloody Disgusting that he’d “love to make another one” earlier this year. But now, it seems like everything is set and pre-production will begin soon.

The Spider-Man director also said that he was hoping Campbell, who’s announced that he’s done with the main role of Ash, would think again about his decision. As things stand, however, we haven’t listened from the 61-year-old actor.

But even if Campbell tells no, Raimi is pumped to jump back on the Evil Dead boat – maybe go ahead with Alvarez even:

“I would be excited if Bruce Campbell changed his decision about retirement, would be returning for the original Evil Deadline,” Raimi told Bloody Disgusting.

“But even otherwise, I’m very happy to be with, if Fede would be willing to return and do the sequel… but he’s such a big guy in the industry now. He’s extremely successful, an actor in demand, that I don’t think he’d want to do that.”

But anyway who cares as long as we are getting a lot more of Evil Dead very soon.

, Sam Raimi to comeback soon in horror genre with new movie
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