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Eye Poke Ends Stephens-Rodriguez In 15 Seconds-Here’everything you want to know about it

Yair Rodriguez and Jeremy Stephens faced each other in a Flyweight clash on Sat., Sept. 21, 2019, at UFC Fight Night 159 inside Mexico City Arena in Mexico City, Mexico. However, the main event of UFC Mexico City lasted only for about 15 seconds.

Rodriguez had opened with some hard kicks, digging to the calf and snapping a front kick to the jaw. Accidentally, an eye poke from Rodriguez brought a halt to the contest immediately after that exciting start.

It was a distinct eye poke and even after five minutes, Stephens could not open his eye. Herb Dean tried his best, but Stephens’ eye was too badly hazarded for him to continue the fight.

He still could not open his eye when he had returned to the locker room.

, Eye Poke Ends Stephens-Rodriguez In 15 Seconds-Here’everything you want to know about it
Eye Poke Ends Stephens-Rodriguez In 15 Seconds

The crowd showed their disapproval by throwing plastic water bottles into the Octagon. The fans in attendance at Mexico City Arena were furious, booing and hurling garbage into the Octagon. They continued to throw debris at Stephens as he was rushed from the cage area by security.

Rodriguez also was angry with the bout’s outcome. He also got into a brief fight with the security and eventually swept aside former UFC champion Michael Bisping, who was working as an analyst and trying to interview him.

After cooling off, Rodriguez appeared on the ESPN+ postfight show and expressed both confusion and disappointment.

He said that he felt for the fans who came here to watch the fight as they had left their families back home for a long time. It was also hard for him as his family and friends were also present to watch the fight he had trained so hard for.

He concluded that one always have to give the benefit of the doubt to his opponent but he would be the only one who was going to have to live with that in his mind for the rest of his life if he was faking it.

, Eye Poke Ends Stephens-Rodriguez In 15 Seconds-Here’everything you want to know about it
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