20 grams of weed


I’ve been a heavy smoker for a good while now. While I was at a party with a friend I asked her to try some weed. She’s a huge pothead and I’m a big fan of the herb. We took a walk to clear our heads, and I offered her some. She took it and we smoked for a while. She said she felt a lot more relaxed, and then she said that she felt like she was in college.

She said a couple things that I could relate to. Like, I feel like I’m not a person who knows what to do with weed, but I do know what to do with it. She said she felt like it made her feel more like a college student.

Like a college student? I don’t know. But I can see myself doing that since I’m a good student.

The same is true of weed. Like, who doesn’t feel like they’re college students sometimes? And who doesn’t feel like they’re college students at times? College students have lots of rules and people to follow, and you can’t just take off to the desert and go do whatever you want. College students also have a lot of rules and people to follow, and you can’t skip class. The rules to college students are just as important as the rules you have to follow.

A lot of people are surprised that weed has such a large impact on college students. Like I said though, the same rules apply to college students. If you get caught smoking weed, you get a three-day suspension. And like I said, you cant just take off to the desert and go do whatever you want. In college, you can just go to school.

The rules are the same for everyone. You cant skip class. You can’t smoke weed. You cannot lie. If you get caught, you get expelled. And if you get caught and go to jail, you’re going to jail for a long time. It’s just part of the whole college experience, and its all for the better.

Like in college, weed is strictly for recreational use. But the college version may also cause problems. The college version of weed has different effects than the real thing. It has different effects than regular weed, too. It has different effects than the weed you buy at the store. For example, smoking weed at the store does not do anything for you, but smoking weed in college does.

I like my weed. I’m an asshole. I’m just not good with it. I’ve no clue what I’m supposed to do with it. What a waste of time.

Weed is the most common type of marijuana in the U.S. It comes in both dried (ground up) and fresh (freshly picked). They are usually only sold in one form, dried. The difference is that the fresh weed has long fibers on the outside of the stem, which makes it stick to the roof of your mouth. After smoking a small amount of the dried weed, you’ll find that you can’t smoke it anymore.

The only other form of weed is in the form of hash. It is much harder to make and much more expensive. One gram of hash is equal to a joint of weed, so 20-30 grams is just about the same as 1,000 joints.


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