10 best movies and shows Netflix is dumping in February

10 movies and shows to watch on Netflix before being deleted in February

What Netflix seems to have learned in the last few months is that it’s wiser to recharge the moon at all outputs, so you have time to see them before they finally disappear.

For example, this month, almost half of the content that will be out of service will be delivered on February 29, and nothing will be output for 1-10. Then there is at least enough time to decide what to watch.

10 best movies and shows Netflix is dumping in February
10 best movies and shows Netflix is dumping in February

Movies worth watching before departure include District 9, Lincoln, and 50/50. The entire Matrix trilogy will also be removed from the streaming service, so if you want to catch up before The Matrix 4 enters theaters next year, this may be a good opportunity to refresh the memories of the first three movies.

Below are the top 10 movies and shows that Netflix will release next month, and the dates they will be abandoned. If you haven’t seen them before, you may not see them on Netflix.

District 9 | February 14

Milk | February 15

New York gang | February 19

Lincoln | February 20

Train Spotting | February 28

50/50 | February 29

Hustle and Flow | February 29

Stripes | February 29

The Matrix | February 29

In the air | February 29

When you have completed content that will disappear from Netflix next month, check out the full list of movies, shows, and specials added to Netflix in February and replace it.

If you prefer the original price, we also have a full calendar of release dates for all original movies and shows on Netflix.

Netflix must love you. After removing a small number of hits this February, the transmitter has plenty of both original and classic content to be added this month. The following is an overview of the added functions.

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